Hurleyman (hurleyman) wrote in rottweilers,

Hey guys !  I'm new here, figured I'd introduce myself.

My name is Jessica, I adopted my baby about a year ago, he's my first dog (we've always been cat owners).  I've always loved the Rottie breed, and just now had the ability to own one.

Hurley is my baby, he is about a year and a half old now, my pride and joy. 

He officially weighed in at 118 lbs yesterday!

He was actually neutered yesterday, so I'll have to post cone pics (he is just oh so unhappy with me at the moment!).

Here are a few for your enjoyment:

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Ah! He is SOOO cute! These are great pictures!
Thanks! He's a ham for the camera too (when he's not trying to eat it!) And I've noticed that he's definitley a "pretty boy" compared to other examples of the breed that I've seen.
My Oskar is a ham too. lol
He's 1/2 lab 1/2 rott.

I love that mix, such gorgeous dogs....truthfully I think they're all hams!
It's funny that both our dogs are named after surf brands... my pup is Roxy. :) If you go back a few posts you can check out some of her pictures...
He's a sweety!